News and Events [archive]

26.05.2023 09:45

[Cancelled] Characterizations of Pilipovic spaces by estimates of the Fourier transform

Anupam Gumber (University of Vienna)

19.05.2023 09:45

Variable bandwidth via Wilson basis

Beatrice Andreolli (University of Vienna)

12.05.2023 09:45

Fourier uniqueness and non-uniqueness pairs

Aleksei Kulikov (Tel Aviv University)

05.05.2023 09:45

Linear independence of coherent systems associated to lattices

Ulrik Enstad (University of Oslo)

28.04.2023 09:45

Operating Functions on A^q_s(T)

Masaharu Kobayashi (Hokkaido University)

21.04.2023 09:45

Random periodic sampling sets and multi-tiling

Diana Carbajal (University of Vienna)