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05.05.2021 14:00

Zeros of functions with random and pseudo-random Taylor coefficients

Alexander Borichev (Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille)

14.04.2021 14:00

A closer look to Bombieri inequality

Ujué Etayo (Universidad de Cantabria)

25.11.2020 14:00

Gabor analysis for rational functions

Yurii Belov (St.-Petersburg State University)

18.11.2020 14:00

Injectivity of Gabor phase retrieval from lattice measurements

Lukas Liehr (University of Vienna)

11.11.2020 14:00

An elementary approach to "mild distributions" based on the use of "Feichtinger's Segal algebra S_0(R^d)"

05.03.2020 15:00

Time-frequency analysis and Feynman path integrals

S. Ivan Trapasso (Politenico Di Torino)

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