News and Events [archive]

27.11.2019 11:30

From potentials to minimizing structures

Laurent Bétermin (University of Vienna)

20.11.2019 11:30

Volume asymptotics of spheres in metric measure spaces and in groups

Jordy Timo van Velthoven (University of Vienna)

13.11.2019 11:30

Approximating probability measures by t-design curves

Martin Ehler (University of Vienna)

06.11.2019 11:30

Universal sparsity of deep ReLU neural network

Dennis Elbrächter (University of Vienna)

30.10.2019 11:30

Sampling along continuous trajectories

Jose Luis Romero (University of Vienna)

23.10.2019 11:30

Montgomery's Minimal Theta Functions and Sphere Packings in Dimension 2

Markus Faulhuber (University of Vienna)